Saturday, 20 February 2016

Tilting baby´s head to right or left shoulder


The most common problem by infants that affects their overall development up to a standing position. Boys and girls are equally likely to develop the head tilt. It can be present at birth or take up to 3 months to develop. 

How predilection arises? 

Abnormal position of the fetus in utero, congenital anomalies of bones and muscles, muscle injuries in the neck to one side during the birth trauma, blocking cervical spine caused by childbirth, the shape of the fetal head, unsuitable conditions for rest and sleep - mainly caused by unbalanced and especially due to inappropriate handling.
How to prevent predilection?

Lay up newborns and infants in soft blankets with tiny soft pillow. This allows to baby relax and spread center of gravity of the body and head to the center position. Regular positioning the child alternately on the left and right flanks or between the rollers. Positioning baby in the crib especially during the vigil - alternately on a 24-hour head in one direction, and 24 hours in the opposite direction. At the time of the child's independent work is the ideal location on the ground at the point where the light source is not interesting or moving objects are not from one side only. Proper handling, it means a way of lifting, carrying and laying of a child which does not overload and irritate nervous system, provides the right psychomotor development.

Some exercises to try:

The best way to treat it is to encourage your baby to turn his or her head in both directions.

§  When your baby wants to eat, offer the bottle or your breast in a way that encourages your baby to turn away from the favored side.
§  When putting your baby down to sleep, position him or her to face the wall. Since babies prefer to look out onto the room, your baby will actively turn away from the wall and this will stretch the tightened muscles of the neck. Remember to always put your baby to sleep on his or her back, as this helps reduce the risk of SIDS.
§  During play, draw your baby's attention with toys and sounds to make him or her turn in both directions.
In case your baby is dealing with tilting head to one shoulder contact an experienced physiotherapist to start Vojta´s method or other appropriate exercise.

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