Thursday, 25 February 2016

How to introduce your baby to swimming

Swimming with your baby is such a fun and lovely activity. You don´t need to wait until your baby has had their immunisations before going swimming. You can start with a baby ring at home in your bath and start swimming from an early age.
The earlier they get used to the water the more confident they will be as they learn to swim. Learning to swim is a real life skill so take advantage of your baby's instinctive affinity with the water and their lack of fear.
The Baby ring for kids is a unique product for bathing children from 0-36 months. You can use it for bathing home or later in the pool.

The big advantage of the ring for babies is the possibility of its use for children immediately after birth, when a baby is not yet able to hold a head. Daily bathing the baby can be taken not only as a hygienic task but also as a fun health and development activity.
The inflatable ring for toddlers helps relieve bathing and gives the baby great pleasure from moving in the water. The baby can moves freely, reversing from their tummy to their back and moving from side to side.