Saturday, 16 September 2017

A heart mom's poem

It can happen during utero,
Or sometime after birth.
The news that makes you tremble,
The news that shakes the earth.

"we hear a distinct murmur ma'am,
There's an issue with the heart
We're not sure your child's chances ma'am,
It's going to be a rough start"

You think "why me? Why us?"
As you try to choke back tears
Your world crashing around you,
While you're consumed by your worst fears.

That sharp pain in your chest.
The heart break, like a knife.
Watching your precious child
Fight so hard for their life.

The first few months are brutal,
You walk around like a zombie.
Endlessly wondering
"will my baby get to call me mommy?"

"don't worry, it will get better"
Is something you can't stand to hear.
It feels like everything is getting worse!
💔The end, it feels so near. 

Then suddenly the days,
Seem to get a little brighter.
As you stare with loving eyes
At your precious little fighter. 

You've never been so proud
Of one single little soul,
Gradually reaching milestones
And accomplishing their goals.

A heart moms journey
Is one that never ends.
Filled with support and compassion,
Of other heart mom friends. 

We all love a little deeper,
And care a little more.
Reminding ourselves everyday,
Of how much we can be thankful for. 

We were given this life for a reason,
And at times it can get rough.
But we use our kids as examples,
Of how to remain tough.
For us, strength is not a choice.
It's a lifestyle we have to lead.
It's what keeps us going,
And it's what our heart child needs.

  - Author Unknown