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Application of Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) – Herb of longevity

Ganoderma lucidum is a medicinal fungus called Reishi or Lingzhi. It is an important ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a variety of diseases. The dried powder of Ganoderma lucidum was recommended as a cancer chemotherapy agent in ancient China.
Recent studies have suggested that this mushroom exhibits anticancer activity through stimulation of the host immune system by polysaccharides or by the cytotoxic effects of triterpenes. [1]
It is used for prevention and treatment of various types of human diseases such a :
·         Allergy
·         Anorexia
·         Arthritis
·         Asthma
·        Cancer [8,9] (cancer of the colon[2], liver, prostate, breast, lung, bladder, ovary [10] , cervix, leukemia)
·         Debility from prolonged illness        
·        Hepatopathy (liver diseases) - cirrhosis, Wilson disease, steatosis, Hepatitis B (chronic) - Anti-hepatitis activities [3]
·         High blood pressure (hypertension)
·         HIV
·         Hyperglycemia
·         Inflammation - f.e. kidney inflammation (nephritis), Bronchitis (chronic)
·         Insomnia
·         Gastric ulcers          
·         Neurasthenia
·         Scleroderma
The most attractive character of this kind of medicinal fungus is its immunomodulatory and antitumor activities.

Intake of vitamin C helps to improve the intake of polysaccharides contained in this fungus.

Ganoderma can be found growing up from underground networks called mycelium near organic waste and logs, which are both a good nutrient source. Given the right conditions, ganoderma can actually be cultivated and used in medicine.
Ganoderma lucidum contains: 
·       Group of triterpenes - ganoderic acids (ganoderol, ganoderenic acid, ganoderiol, ganodermanontriol, lucidadiol, ganodermadiol), which have a molecular structure similar to steroid hormones , lipid-lowering and antioxidant effects
·        Polysaccharides (beta-glucan) increase glucose liver metabolism, enhance peripheral tissue and improve your body’s utilization of glucose
·        Fungal immunomodulatory proteins (FIPs) - immune building properties
·        Coumarin
·        Mannitol
·        Alkaloids
·        Adenosin
·        Vitamins and minerals - phosphorus, silica, sulfur, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, germanium, silica, copper, manganese, vitamin B
Quality of the products with Ganoderma lucidum depends on the amount of polysaccharides in the product. If the amount of polysaccharides is not mentioned, the quality will be very low. Best products have 40% of polysaccharides, mainly glucans.
Modern research has demonstrated pharmacological effects of Ganoderma spores and confirmed that the polysaccharide Ganoderma fungus spores is the main component to maintain physiological balance and boost immunity. Ganoderma spores have 75 times higher effect than Ganoderma fruiting bodies.
Ganoderma mycelium (biomass reishi mushroom powder) works 20 times better than reishi mushroom fruiting.

Polysaccharides and triterpenes levels are highest in the fruiting bodies and traditionally obtained by hot water extraction. Water extraction is ideal for polysaccharides that are highly water soluble. Triterpenes are poorly water soluble but highly soluble in alcohol.
The extraction of active ingredients with hot water and alcohol:
5 to 10 g of dried chopped fruiting bodies of Reishi pour 1 liters of water and bring to the boil. Lower the temperature and cook for 30-50 minutes. Drink it during the day as warm or cold tea.
Boiled mushrooms do not throw away, you can still use them twice. The extract has a bitter taste (= the active ingredient rich in polysaccharides).
The mushrooms are still usable for the alcohol extract, because they contain water-insoluble triterpenes. Pour 0,5 liter of distilled alcohol, and leave it leach for at least four weeks. We obtain an extract rich in triterpenes. Use 1-3 tablespoons a day.

Mix 1-2g of Ganoderma spores with 100ml hot water, you can put honey inside.

For coffee lovers exist a product calls Reishi black coffee Lingzhi (Ganoderma Lucidum).

Use of ground fungus provided in many supplements on the market can not cause the expected processes in the body that lead to leaching of valuable substances.
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Side Effects of Ganoderma Lucidum:
·        Some individuals are allergic to Ganoderma lucidum. You might experience itchy, red skin after taking the mushroom, dry mouth, throat dryness.
·        Ganoderma can interact with other medications, especially blood thinners, which could lead to a dangerous drop in blood pressure. Therefore Warfarin and Ganoderma should not be taken together.
·         Prolonged use of Ganoderma can also lead to gastric bleeding.
Ganoderma lucidum expert Prof. Nguyen Thi Chinh, director of the Mushroom and Bio-product Development and Research Center and the Lingzhi Mushroom Company - Linhzhi Co.,Ltd. [6,7]

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